mission: tiny tree

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Sooo…the problem with procrastination is, that by the time you FINALLY go to get your Christmas tree, all they have left are these:


So at first, I berated myself quite sharply for delaying so long to get a tree that I’d be stuck with a midget tabletop tree instead of one of the majestically large ones that barely fit through the front door.

Then I started thinking about all the pros that come along with a smaller tree:

  1. I can literally carry this tree from the back seat of my car up to my living room with one hand.
  2. No crazy knots and strap downs required! It fits right in the back seat. It even fit quite snugly into the shopping cart!
  3. It will pretty much fit completely inside my yard waste container.
  4. There are only so many needles that can fall from it.
  5. ONE string of lights. ‘Nuff said.
  6. A smaller tree just makes all the presents look that much more impressive!

So, The Kid and I executed Mission: Tiny Tree this afternoon.



He’s quite proud of the fact that even though the tree is on a table, he’s still taller.

I feel like we’re now properly Christmasified. Bring it!

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