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done travelin’…this year anyway

Last week I made my last trip of the year to the (supposed to be) sunny city of Los Angeles.

Except…it wasn’t very sunny.


Of course, this would be the trip where I got one of these, which is kind of hard to see but is in fact a Mustang. Convertible.

IMG_4440I should have realized this trip was going to be a little off, when I had to leave the security line at the airport because I had forgotten my coffee:


But luckily was able to rescue it before some coffee-thief absconded with it.

It was great seeing all my LA coworkers, even if SOMEONE ended up buying mini Coronas instead of regular Coronas in an attempt to save a few bucks.


Still goes down the same though. Also, every women’s bathroom in the world needs to be equipped with these:


Privacy screens inside the stall to cover that gap between the door and the frame. Woot!

Had a great quarterly meeting with the team, and they EVEN sang me a birthday song and we had cake! It was AWESOME!


The only bad spot was being delayed in the Los Angeles airport for FIVE HOURS on my return home, and didn’t get home until about 4 AM Friday morning. I got a $150 discount code on my next flight and did pick this up though, which kind of made it worth it.



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