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there’s got to be SOMEONE out on New Year’s. right?

You guys.

I am so ready for New Year’s Eve!

I got a new dress, new makeup, even new shoes. Well, let’s be honest… It doesn’t take much for me to get a new pair of shoes.


I would show you a picture of my dress, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. So, I will give a teaser of the fabric:


Awesome, right? It’s black chiffon with gold foil. And sequins! I can’t wait.

My shoes arrived today, just barely in time. I was hoping they would, but if they didn’t I had a backup all ready. I got gold colored makeup, new lipstick, and tomorrow I’m off to get a new purse and MAYBE even a headband.

The only problem is…I am having trouble finding peeps to commit to hanging out. Everyone is being all “awwww I might just stay home this year” or “I’m not really feeling it” or just “naaahhhhh”.

So, we might end up with your favorite blogger sitting at the bar in her glamorous finery, talking to the bartender. Which is fine, just…not very New Years-ey.

If that’s what it ends up being…well. So be it.

I’m not ascurred.

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