throwback thursdays (vol. 14): generosity – in pictures, in blogs, in life. yep.

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So, if you’re an actual person reading this blog (which is more rare than you’d think, actually), you may have noticed the decided lack of TBT posts recently. Which is partly because I’ve been a total slacker, and partly because even in 441 posts to date, there are only so many I think are worthy of re-posting, and I’ve re-posted 13 of them now.

That says more about the quality of my blogs than my slackiness, I think, but whatever.

I did, however, find one for you today that has to do with the holidays. Appropriate, perhaps, for the first blog of 2015! I had meant to repost this during the Christmas part of the holidays, being as it’s Christmas themed, but (slackiness).

I really encourage you to click, it’s a good one. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

Also, today’s TBT picture is from the time period in which the story I relate in the TBT post occurred. Not the timeframe in which I wrote the post.

What I love about this picture is how it just screams class. I mean, really.

In my defense, I think it was my birthday and that was a birthday present. Yes, I have brown contacts in. Don’t ask.

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in the spirit of buying crap for other people

Originally posted on: 12/9/2006

Okay, you guys. This is one of the few blogs in which I will espouse giving away things to people you don’t know.

Today in the grocery store, they had people outside that were soliciting items for the Tacoma City School District. They said that there were kids at their school that were in need and their families didn’t have much in the way of food over the holidays. So I asked them for their little piece of paper that described the kinds of items that they needed, and I headed in to do my shopping. I was wandering up and down the aisles (I am the most disorganized grocery shopper ever: send me to do the shopping for the week and I’ll come home with four gallons of milk (because it’s buy one get one free), three bags of chips and if you’re lucky, some frozen pasta dinners and a bag of rice) trying to find something that would make for a good holiday dinner for some poor hungry kid.

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