i’m a loud, proud 12!

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Like practically 95% of Seattle (I really have no statistics to back up this number so don’t quote me), and a fantastic number of people across the country, I am a Seahawks fan.

Or, as we call ourselves, a member of the 12s.

If you read the blog about my grandma, you already know that I went to the playoff game on January 10. It was a hard choice whether to stay or go once I found out, but in the end I’m glad I stayed.

First off, I’ve never been to a playoff game before. I’ve been to plenty of Seahawks games (and it is just as loud as it sounds on TV) but never a playoff game.

Tomorrow’s TGIF post, I’m thinking, will talk about the Seahawks players and general public opinion about the Seahawks. But this post…this post is about how awesome this game was.

To get ready, of course I needed to go get my gear. I had some stuff, but I didn’t feel like I had enough for people to really know how excited I am to be a Seahawks fan.

So, I headed to the mall and found a kiosk where they sold nothing but Seahawks gear. Oh, and a 49ers blanket. I tried to get a picture, but I think my phone rebelled or something, because I lost it.

At any rate, I got a hat, scarf, arm socks and a clear plastic bag with the Seahawks logo on it. Oh, and the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl champions lanyard for my vaporizer.

Thus equipped, I made my way downtown where I attended my first-ever tailgater party. There were so many 12s in this one location that it didn’t matter that I didn’t know anyone. We were all there for the same thing, to watch our Seahawks kick ass.

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I even brought Wilson (who, if you didn’t know, is named after Russell Wilson) but in the excitement of the game and the party, I completely forgot to take any pictures with him. Sorry, Wilson. If it helps, your namesake kicked ass.


On the way to and from the stadium I was floored at the sheer number of people in the streets. All 12s. Rain, cold, didn’t matter.

The seats were great too, with a great view of the field and undercover. Although I did have my bright pink raincoat, just in case.


What I really needed though, was a blanket. It was cold. And damp.


And the noise. If you know anything about the 12th Man, you know we are loud. And we have a stadium that makes us even louder. I am not ashamed to admit that I wore earplugs for half the game. And my ears still rang all the way home.

I won’t bother giving you the game highlights as you can see those on ESPN. I’ll just say that this was the game where Kam Chancellor leaped over the Panthers’ offensive line. Twice. And then returned an intercepted pass 90 yards for a touchdown. The one where Russell Wilson drilled the ball right to Jermaine Kearse, who caught it. One-handed. And then made another touchdown. Where Cam Newton (who really didn’t get a chance to do his stupid Superman thing ALL GAME) gave us the ball, not once or twice, but THREE TIMES, once to Richard Sherman, because (as he said prior to the game) he wasn’t scared to pass in that direction. That worked out well for him.

In other words: It. Was. Awesome.

So, this Sunday, when the Seahawks play Green Bay, you know where I’ll be. In my 12th man gear, screaming myself hoarse in support of my beloved boys in blue.



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