2015: you can just SUCK IT


You guys, it’s basically three weeks into the new year and already I am SO OVER IT.


After everything with my grandma, now The Dog is missing. He got freaked out after the fireworks after the Seahawks playoff win (!) and took off Sunday night, hasn’t been seen or reported anywhere since.

I’ve registered him on every lost and found site I can think of, distributed flyers, followed up on Craigslist ads, posted Craigslist ads every day (sorry fellow Craigslisters) and tomorrow I’m out to pester the neighbors with flyers in their mailboxes and knocking on their doors. Maybe should have done it the first day, but honestly I didn’t think he’d be gone this long, and with work and stuff…anyway. It all sounds like dumb excuses.

And now, the Kid’s braces broke and I have to take him to the orthodontist tomorrow morning which will cause me to miss part of an important work meeting tomorrow. Because, of course, tomorrow is the ONE DAY I need to go into the office and the ONE DAY that there is literally no one else to take him.

Readers, I am literally so discouraged right now. I feel like everything is going wrong and there’s nothing I can do to fix any of it. I would love to be super optimistic right now and say something really inspirational that will kick my ass into turning things around, but…I’m tapping out. At least for today.

I even had this new shirt I ordered just before the new year because I was stoked about making this year be better than last year.

Update: so far, it’s not.

Maybe next week.


5 comments on “2015: you can just SUCK IT”

  1. I feel for you on the shitty new year part but you just have to take it one day at a time and breathe deep and relax. Things have a way of working out and I bet you anything he will be found

  2. The good thing about a bad day is tomorrow will be better. Don’t take that too literally. Point is it will get better.

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