the non-date…redux


So last Thursday, I had had my fill of feeling sorry for myself and decided to head to my favorite karaoke spot for a little down time.

Recently, I’ve been trying to get more comfortable with doing things alone. So far I’ve gone out by myself a number of times and I’m gearing up to take myself out to dinner and a movie soon. Plus, as you may have read, I’ve planned my very first solo vacation for March of this year.

Since it is my favorite karaoke bar that I’ve frequented for the last seven or so years, I knew the bartender and the karaoke host, and several of the regulars that had already set up shop but sadly, didn’t have room at their table.

No matter. I felt fine sitting by myself and going through the karaoke book to see if there was anything new.

Which is when I ran into this guy.

Before you start thinking that I was all butt-hurt and freaked out, let me tell you that I wasn’t. And it felt really, really good that I wasn’t.

I was a little angry, maybe. But then I remembered this:


I mean really, I felt brave, I felt good, I feel pretty confident that I looked good, and honestly I was enjoying just hanging out by myself.

He apologized. A bunch. He invited me to his table like five times. He complimented me so many times that “you’re just so cute” and “I’m really sorry, I feel really bad” started to lose all meaning as actual words in the English language.

He said that he’s just not good at the whole making plans thing. He offered up that if we were to actually go out, that he’d be better at it…which is when I said that I forgave him but I definitely wasn’t going to go out with him. And no, I didn’t go sit at his table.

I mean, you guys: I got ready. I straightened my hair. For nothing. Do you even know the kind of effort that entails?

My long-haired girlies know what I’m saying. It takes a good hour just to get my hair dry enough to straighten, not to mention the whole picking an outfit, doing the makeup, switching the purse…gah. What a waste of effort.

I kind of felt bad, because I think he was pretty sincere. Or at least thought he was. But jeez. Is it that hard to just text even?

What’s the deal with that anyway? Like seriously, having plans get cancelled isn’t my favorite thing, but it’s not the end of the world. But the whole silent treatment? It just feels so disrespectful. Like I’m not even worth the five minutes it would take to fire off a text message to say “hey, I don’t think I can make it tonight” or whatever.

And if I’m not worth five minutes now, then what would I be worth later? Even less. If that’s even possible.

Not to mention…this whole hanging-out-by-myself, not-being-in-a-relationship thing?

I sort of dig it.

5 comments on “the non-date…redux”

  1. I’ve been on the receiving end of the silent treatment and I completly agree it is SO disrespectful !!! A simple text seems the least a guy can do!
    And I feel you on the hair thing …. Ain’t nobody got time for that !

    1. Seriously. I read a Facebook post on why girls hate taking showers and one of the reasons was because we have to do our hair afterwards! It’s totally true especially if you have long and curly hair! You can’t just let that sit there. LOL!

    1. That’s what I think too! When does things like calling back and making plans ever improve with time? Like, never. The break-up would probably have to happen via osmosis since I’m sure there wouldn’t even be a text.

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