at long lost…

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Forgive me, readers.

It has been eighteen days since my last post.

I have approximately half a million updates to share – including, but not limited to, recent travel, sparkly shinies, and sex toys.

But first, best and most important:

Dog was found!

Found Rockefeller


Doesn’t he look SO PATHETIC here? Goodness sakes.

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this after getting the call from the shelter that he had been found. So two upcoming posts you can count on are a) how every pet should have a microchip and b) his road to recovery and how I am helping by laughing my ass off at his cone of shame every chance I get.

Cone of shame because, of course, he couldn’t manage to come home in one piece. He had an enormous gash in his leg which I have been taking pictures of as it heals but I’m really not sure I want to immortalize in my blog. Not to mention how little I think most of you would want to see those same pictures.

Other than this momentous news, I helped my grandpa go through some of my grandmother’s stuff. Which was hard, but at the same time I’m really glad to have some things to remember her by.

I made a trip to LA also, which was hotter than I expected it to be but I sweated my way through it. I’ve got a bunch of other trips coming up including my very first solo vacation which I’m super stoked about. I’ve also got a trip to Nashville and a very first trip ever to New Orleans, which includes 3 days of vacation while I’m there! So super stoked about that too.

Anyway. I’m off to go do some posting in advance so hopefully I can have something for you for the next few days. Hope everyone is well!

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