totally miscellaneous update (no but really)

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You might be wondering what I’ve been up to the last couple days. You might be imagining all the amazing things I’ve been doing or exotic locations I’ve been visiting. You might be thinking that I’ve been spending my days shopping, getting suntans and pedicures, and in general living the life of luxury.

Well, you’d be wrong.

Well, maybe partially right. I have indeed done some shopping (hello!) and gotten some spray tans in, but that’s about it. Oh, I did file my taxes and wash the car.

That’s pretty much the extent of the excitement. No pedicures, no massages, no travel even since I got back from New Orleans.

I do want to bring to your attention, however, that I did procure these a pair of these:

I don’t even need to tell you how awesome these are. Hello, rainbow shoes? Memory foam? Come on.

And, as I mentioned, I washed and waxed my beloved Jeep:


It’s so pretty.

I’m extremely jealous of GoodMan, who picked up his new (!) Jeep Wrangler last week. It’s so new and shiny! That’s what prompted me to give my ol’ boy a cleanup. He’s still looking sharp for his age, though. I can’t complain. He’s had the top down for the last week (thank goodness for garages) so I’ve been able to sneak him out between showers. We’re both happier for it.

I’m planning a trip to Mexico! My cousin lives there. I’m super excited, I haven’t been out of the country since I went to the Bahamas with the family when I was in seventh grade. Should be an awesome time!

Oh! And THIS.



One step closer to STARBUCKS HOME DELIVERY! I wait for the day. I really do.

What else, what else, what else?

I ordered a treadmill, elliptical-slash-exercise bike, and a Fitbit. It’s like, my old pedometer‘s classy, super-expensive grandchild. I promise I’ll post pics of all of it when the goodies arrive. Maybe you all can even look forward to a resumption of the Incredible Shrinking Woman!

I have travel next week, to LA. I’ll be gone Monday through Friday. I have a potential trip to Nashville at the end of the month, and then…Mexico!

Viva la 2N!

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