selfie hell

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So, tomorrow I have a presentation at work. I’m supposed to talk about my role at the company and the things I do as a Product Manager in IT.

As part of this presentation, they want a picture of me to include since I’ll be dialing in instead of traveling (for once).

So what have I been doing all morning? I’ve been searching through selfies trying to find one that looks cute but not slutty, fun but not drunk. Preferably without boobs hanging out all over the place or too many tattoos showing.

It’s surprisingly difficult, given the sheer number of pictures of myself that I have on my hard drive.

I don’t really want to send over a picture that I took in my bathroom on my way to go out the door for a night out, or with my aviators on sitting in the Jeep, or with my drink at the bar, such as these:

I’m really struggling with this! I’m sure anyone else would just send over the first one they come across but I don’t want one that LOOKS like it’s a selfie where I’m trying to look pretty or where I look too provocative, or whatever.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to these.

I’m hoping they say “fun-loving, yet responsible coworker” as opposed to “drunk lady at the bar trying to look sexy”.

My piercings show, but hey – can’t have everything.

PS: I sent all three of the above and they picked the ketchup one. Woot!


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