how it happened


And now, because I know this is what y’all have been truly waiting for…


Band Geek proposed while we were in Vegas a couple weeks ago. I know, I know, it was a surprise to me too. He did it in the Atrium in the Mirage, which is ONLY my most favorite spot in Vegas, and always has been.

He told me I was his best friend, then got down on one knee and held out the ring, and that’s when I started bawling.

Of course, that’s also when two young ladies dressed to the nines happened to walk by and said, “Congratulations” thinking it was a joke – till they realized that he really HAD just proposed. Then they were falling all over themselves congratulating us and asking if we wanted our picture taken. Band Geek gave them his phone…which they promptly used to take this selfie:


And then took the following totally crappy picture of us. I can’t believe they just handed the phone back afterwards. I would have never settled for this crap photo if I’d been the one to walk by as a guy was proposing to his girlfriend:


So now to remind me of that moment I have a selfie of two strangers with perfect teeth, and a grainy green picture in which I am highly reminiscent of a black and green striped whale. At least it makes a funny story, which I tell way better in person than in this blog.

Oh well, guess I have to rely on the video I took right afterwards and the photo I took back in the room. Thanks, bitches!


I have, naturally, already started a spreadsheet for a wedding budget and planning, and of course started my very own wedding blog, for those that are interested. I am also putting together a story of how we met and our relationship (for those that last they heard we had broken up) which I’ll post both here and there, and will even hopefully feature input from the man himself.

Anyway. I’m really, really happy. In case you can’t tell from the beaming smile above. He is too, though his resting bitch face would have you doubt it.

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