back again!


I have no idea why I’m still shocked when I log in and realize how long it’s been since I posted anything. Based on the last blog you had from me, you might have supposed that my next crock-potting adventure killed all of us.

Not so, my friends. Fortunately.

So if I wasn’t killing everyone with a crockpot disaster, what WAS I doing?


  • I got an awesome new breadbox that I absolutely adore. I seriously do.
  • I had a work trip to Denver, where I got my first look at a real, live, corn maze and did a service project with local elementary school kids.
  • During this same work trip, I won a new travel companion! I’m still thinking of a name.
  • I also forgot my makeup, but made it through the entire trip including a formal night with only the makeup I could borrow from my roommate.
  • I learned how to fold a fitted sheet, and then to combine it with its matching flat sheet and pillow case into a neat little package.
  • I then used this skill to semi-organize my linen closet.
  • The dog is getting enormous.
  • I found princess pigs and made scrapbook pages to ask my maid of honor and bridesmaid to be in my wedding.
  • I picked a venue for the wedding.
  • I was a sugar skull (again!) for Halloween.
  • I chose and picked up my dress.
  • Pee-pants ate not one, but TWO of my hats with pompoms.
  • My sister took some engagement photos we can use on the save the date cards.
  • I spent my birthday with my mom and sister.
  • I got a tiny Christmas tree for the second year in a row.
  • I installed a closet organizer.
  • I crockpotted an entire spiral sliced ham (with pineapple!).
  • I got a new washer and dryer.
  • My mom gave me a hand-crocheted afghan of my favorite team!
  • I finally found some perfect red lipstick.

Whew! That’s basically the last three months in a nutshell, complete with picture accompaniment! I feel totally accomplished.

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