a year in the life

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Can it really be almost a year since my last post? That seems excessive, even for me.

I guess in some ways, it’s understandable being that this last year has been crazy busy – but even so. I got married! And went to Europe! And got a sort-of-kind-of promotion at work. With all that going on, one would think that I would have had plenty of topics to write about.

Band Geek and I got married, which was probably the biggest and busiest event of my life so far. Mom, sister, bridesmaids, and I decided that we would do most of the decorations ourselves. Surprisingly, although it really was completely insane for a few weeks, everything went really well and looked fabulous!

After the wedding, we went on our honeymoon to England and Ireland. We stayed in London in a little “aparthotel” in South Kensington – it was like a little studio apartment that we reserved for the whole 2 weeks, then we took a three day trip to Dublin, Ireland in the middle of the trip. I wasn’t sure how well that would work out but it was great having a “home base” so that we didn’t have to pack up everything when we went to Dublin and came back.

This trip was AMAZING. Between the wedding and the honeymoon I have like 3500 pictures to go through. I’m also working on little mini video slide show things but one of them got muted on YouTube because I used a Beatles song as a soundtrack. Whatever. I’ll figure out something else I guess. Meanwhile, if you’re on my Facebook account, you probably saw all the pictures already anyway.

At work, I have moved (sort of) into a manager-type role. This is new for me, since I’ve been a senior manager for a while but without any direct reports. So now I’m learning the ins and outs of managing people instead of just software. So far it’s been really rewarding, even if it is so far outside my comfort zone that it’s not really even in the same country.

Last big news from the last year is that we’re still planning on building the house! We will be purchasing our house plan in March, and then making some decisions about whether we want to try to build it ourselves via subcontractors or hire a builder to do it for us. I am planning to blog about the experience, so we’ll see how that goes. I also started a book! Well, an outline for a book. I’ve written down a bunch of ideas and I’m starting to plan it because I’m, well, a planner. And the idea of just sitting down with a blank page terrifies me.

That’s it for me. How about you? What’s new in your worlds?

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