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So BandGeek and I were talking today about Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat and stuff and…we don’t really get it.

I mean, I understand Instagram kind of, like sharing your life through pictures. And maybe the same is true for Snapchat. But if I have Facebook why do I need to Twitter? Or use Instagram or Snapchat also, for that matter?

Is it that you reach a wider audience? Or are there different features of those apps that do different things that aren’t available in other apps?

Trying to understand the draw, both for posting stuff and for following people. Especially people you don’t know! Is it that you can get a glimpse into someone’s private life that you might not otherwise see? Maybe the same drive that makes reality shows so addictive?

I mean, I’m thinking about my most recent Facebook post. It’s probably something I could have shared on Twitter and Instagram also. But then…like won’t the same people see it? If the content isn’t different why post something in all those places? And if that’s the case, how would you decide what to post where? Is it because you might have different people following each of your feeds so you want to make sure everyone in your social network gets your latest bit of news or random thought? It must be. Maybe I’m going about this all wrong. I feel like I need RULES! RULES to tell me what goes where. And without the rules how will I ever know if I’m doing it right??

I don’t even know how to use Instagram. I took a picture just now of me and BandGeek but it’s oriented wrong and I can’t figure out how to rotate it. I also don’t know the difference between My Story and just adding an Instagram. Is that what you even call it? Does one “add an Instagram”? I suspect probably not.

I won’t even get started into the mysteries of twittering and hash tagging. It’s almost a joke to me, using the hashtag. It has to be right? I mean, wasn’t the purpose of hashtagging to sort of flag disparate posts or “things” on the internet as all relating to the same topic or subject? If so then how in the world can “#thismommasgothershitfiguredout” be an actual thing?!

The only time I use hash tags is to poke fun at the whole idea of hashtagging. I’m sure future social historians will hate me for it. But seriously.


Sort of. Maybe I’ll Twitter about it.

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