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blogiversary (500+!!)

Somehow I passed the 500 mark on total number of posts from the very first time I churned out a stupid blog about silent dumping as my very first blog ever on MySpaz (in June of 2006, thirteen years ago to be precise), which means that June was my THIRTEENTH BLOGIVERSARY, thank you very much!), to the most recent posts here on WordPress. In point of fact, this here will be my five-hundred-and-NINTH blog.


That’s a lot of random thoughts spilled out into the blogosphere. I mean, a lot a lot.

Sometimes I browse through my older posts and crack myself up. So even if no one else is reading these, at least they continue to give me entertainment.

I can see my style has shifted over the years as well. Before BandGeek made an honest woman out of me, I spent a lot of time dating and going to bars, and my style (and mouthiness) reflected that. I’m older now, and hopefully a little bit wiser, and I think some of the edge has come off a little. I think sometimes that’s sad, but mostly I think it’s more comfortable – to read and to write – and is more reflective of who I am now.

To illustrate my point through photos, as you know I am wont to do, this is me back in June 2006 (stating for the record again, THIRTEEN YEARS AGO. Gack.), when I first started blogging.

This is me now, which was taken in June of 2019.

It’s inevitable, I guess, that nothing ever stays the same. I am not the same person I was in 2006, and it makes sense that I don’t write the same as I did back then either. I am also treating my hair like I actually want to keep it, so that’s a plus for getting both older and wiser.

Then again, maybe I need to get an old-fashioned drunk on and do a li’l drunked blogging, typos and all. For old times’ sake.

After all, thirteen years is a long time.

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