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what will I do next? your guess is as good as mine

As you most likely already know by now, I am a woman of many hobbies. And projects. So many, many projects.

Right now I am in the process of taking up rock painting, clay sculpting, paper painting, and drawing. That’s in addition to all the other weird and crafty stuff I already do (or try, rather). I’ve got projects coming out the ass (not literally, because…rocks…) but it feels that way sometimes.

The only solution is a bigger craft room, clearly.

The next stage in my rock painting journey is….drumroll…EPOXY RESIN COATING!

Oh yes. Ohhhhh yeeeesssssss. Gonna make ’em all glossy and pretty before I go hide them in the woods to get rained on! Here’s that work in progress:

Being that this is my first time, I fully expect to have something be messed up, like the resin won’t cure or something equally disappointing, but I’m not letting it get me down!

I have two more in progress, but I’m waiting for my Amazon order of fine-tipped paint pens to arrive to finish them. Somehow this morning they started off in my town (literally) ready for delivery but then got routed fifty miles north of here on their way to my house. So who knows when they’ll actually show up.

In the meanwhile, all I have are my fat-tipped paint pens, which are OK for doing fill in but not so much for detail work like lettering.

All of that aside though, what I really wanted to post about was my veggie garden!

“But 2N!” You’re saying. “You don’t cook OR eat veggies!”

I know, I know. I’ve had it done for three weeks two months and still only have three green onions planted in it. But dangit, it’s all part of my master super goal to lose weight and get healthy so dammit, I need to try.

I give you: The Self Watering Veggie Garden!

Not sure how much I trust the whole “self watering” thing. The idea is that you pour water in the vertical pipe which fills up the perforated drain pipe buried at the bottom, then the water slowly leaches out into the dirt as needed by the plants.

Problem is, I didn’t build it exactly like the website said, and the time I tried to put water down the vertical pipe there (the white sticky-uppy thing), a lot of it drained out the bottom. So I wasn’t super excited about that BUT I have only had to water it the once, and you can see that my onions at least are happy. Now I just need to actually cook with them.

If I can figure out the self watering thing, I’m going to make one for my mom! Also I am going to make a surround for it so as to keep out the damn cat.

Next up: trying out some drawing and making some dragon or animal sculptures out of modeling clay!


2N, out.

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