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total geekout. happening here. right now.

Aaaaaand…yet another almost-month goes by between posts. This time I have a good excuse. Almost. Sort of. Well, not really. Unless you, like I, am a sucker for fantasy computer games like… Dragon Age: Inquisition Sucker as in: I will spend hundreds of hours playing this game. As in: I bought it the night before

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the wide world is getting smaller

Recently I’ve been fascinated by online culture. Everything about it, from people living their entire social lives from their desk chairs, to the folks that dabble occasionally, to those that actually make a living online, sharing themselves, their thoughts and their lives with the world. See, here’s the thing.

on being a girl. in a game.

Being a girl is hard. We practically bleed to death on a monthly basis. More things can go wrong with our reproductive parts than you can shake a stick at, and finding clothes that fit when we feel fat is a choice between looking like a couch and looking like someone that should be standing

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god’s pocket…i’m sexy and I know it!

Have I talked about God’s Pocket before? I don’t think I have. For those that may not know, there are times in a woman’s life when she has an excess of things to carry and a dearth of things to carry those things in. So, God invented God’s Pocket. Now, before you go Google it,

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living on the edge…or online, whichever

“Living on the internet” is not something I really understood until recently. I always kind of thought that the internet was mostly for looking up how to snake my bathtub drain, or posting links to where I am right now, or a snapshot of the tasty adult beverage I just ordered. What I didn’t realize

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cheesy poos. yeah, you read it right.

TWO in one DAY? Stock up your storm cellars with bottled water and Spam because the end of the world is nigh. Aside from fond cheesy poof remembrances, today has been a good day. Recently, I’ve gotten into scrapbooking, of all things. It’s my mom’s fault. I will say though that it combines three of

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