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throwback thursdays (vol. 14): generosity – in pictures, in blogs, in life. yep.

So, if you’re an actual person reading this blog (which is more rare than you’d think, actually), you may have noticed the decided lack of TBT posts recently. Which is partly because I’ve been a total slacker, and partly because even in 441 posts to date, there are only so many I think are worthy

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fright night: the aftermath

Well, the good news is that the windows DID look cool with the lights shining behind them. But more about that later. In my neighborhood, there are a ton of kids that go trick-or-treating on my street. This year, the Kid decided to go get some candy for himself too, but next year I think

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christmas <insert excitement here>!

Well, it’s almost Christmas. Again. This year I’m having a really hard time getting into the holiday swing! I only just got my tree put in its stand on Tuesday (having bought it the previous Saturday). So far it’s got two strings of lights, one piece of garland, and seven bobbles. I’ve definitely been procrastinating

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