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a whole lotta nuthin’

Teammates! I am a little drunked. Okay fine, a lot. For instance, I am on my second bottle of Chateau St. Michelle's Gewurztraminer. The first was started, oh, around 3 PM during today's boating expedition. Here's what I love about this wine. Number one, it's a white, but it's not super dry. 2N is not… Continue reading a whole lotta nuthin’

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walkin’ the dog, walkin’ the dog

So in preparation for my pending famousness, I am traveling today incognito: I'm going for The Britney Spears Baby On My Lap look. Is it working? In reality, I went for a walk with the Dog and No N. I particularly like how I look like a trucker with my hat. That hair is frickin'… Continue reading walkin’ the dog, walkin’ the dog

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when throw pillows attack…they get the beat down

Remind me again why I love the Dog. Because when I come home to this: Which is the result of a horribly mutilated throw pillow: I have a hard time remembering. I also take exception to people who come ringing my doorbell, trying to sell me windows and security systems and whatnot, and assume that… Continue reading when throw pillows attack…they get the beat down

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2N, small garlic bulbs, and boneless, skinless chicken

Dudes! This blog is my 100th. The next blog I do will be a celebration of my 101st Blog. I have some questions to answer, some reader-love to deliver, and some apologizing for being so lame in the 100 Miles department lately. It's all happening tomorrow. Don't miss it! So, Meeps is cooking me dinner, right?… Continue reading 2N, small garlic bulbs, and boneless, skinless chicken

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2n’s evening of domestic bliss

Didja missme? I, my friends, have been experiencing some of the best times I've had all year over the last couple of days. I'll leave it at that, but suffice to say that all is going swimmingly in 2N-Land. I, however, am stymied by children. I, your favorite 'traded blogger, spent last night and this… Continue reading 2n’s evening of domestic bliss