Category: around the house

the attack of the urban meadow

Ladies and gentlemen. The urban meadow is no more. No N says that the neighbors are ecstatic because their property value just went up. I’m ecstatic because I no longer have to fear dropping my keys in that mess and never finding them again. As almost happened the other night. I still need to mow,

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it’s ed mcmahon…and i’m on the toilet!

Holy crap! I’ve been unexpectedly plugged. I feel like Ed McMahon just knocked on my door while I’m sitting on the toilet…and I have to answer. the first thing I’m thinking is, “Holy cow! That’s like, MY NAME on someone else’s blog!” And then I passed out. When I woke up, I realized that in figurative terms,

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floam vs chia pet

I hate marketers that make commercials that make The Kid bug me to buy stuff. I really do. Because when you see his big blue eyes telling you that he “absolutely haaaaaaaas to have something, so SERIOUS, mom!” and you have to say, “I would rather shove splinters under my fingernails than buy something like that which

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