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a timeline of the decline

Firstly, thanks to everyone that expressed concern for The Dog. He appears to be fully recovered and is back to his normal self. Although in accordance with 1N’s very sensible advice, I am going to take him to the vet this weekend anyway for a checkup. So this blog isn’t necessarily funny, but it is

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%&.@ on a skateboard

[Editor’s note 7/27/2014: Please know that I think hybrid, electric, and other similar types of vehicles are great for the environment. This is not a hate-on-smartcars blog. Just because I think they’re good for the environment, however, does not stop me from laughing my ass off every time I see one. Still.]   Hi team. Sorry

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a typical sunday…abstinence is for assholes

7:26 AM: Realize that the wet drip, drip drip on my face is not in fact the result of fantabulously-hot-dream-guy’s unrestrainble passion for me, but instead the slimy output of my dog’s panting tongue. He’s staring soulfully into my eyes in a mute attempt to warn me that if I don’t get up ASAP I

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