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skirts and tank tops and shoes…oh my!

As you may have already guessed, I have an inordinate amount of clothes. Like, a lot. I mean as in, I have a closet full, plus a 5-drawer chest, plus five of eight under-bed drawers full. Of clothes. Mostly, my clothes are fairly inexpensive (hello, Old Navy! Though Torrid and I are becoming quite close recently. Quite, quite

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the cone of shame, the satellite, and the lamp shade…

…all walk into a bar, and… No but seriously. These are the nicknames I came up with for this guy: Who is now, finally, thankfully, back at home. Before you ask, no I have no idea what happened to his leg. All I know is, it’s freaking gross. Like seriously, I change this bandage every day and

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rambling friday update

Nothing much to say today, folks. The most exciting thing that happened today was checking my spam comments folder and receiving my new bed set! As you may know, I can’t help but read through my spam comments just in case something actual might have accidentally slipped in there. Being that I don’t usually get many comments,

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