being mom


I had like three blogs planned out to write yesterday. Then I got sucked into three consecutive games of Age of Empires, and, well. I’m not kidding, four or five hours can go by in a snap. What’s the thing I wanted to talk about? Oh yes. Goodman is getting […]

full house? save me…PLEASE!

So my son turns on Nick at Nite, then goes to bed, leaving me here MySpazzing and suddenly realizing that my TV screen is currently populated with a young John Stamos, Mary-Kate (or Ashley) and Candace Whoever. Cameron? I don’t know. Plus loads of bad acting that as a kid, […]

discussions with the Kid: on ovaries and boogers

I have discovered that the Kid will be an awesome blogger as he gets older. He never stops talking. It’s like this constant stream of random, five-year-old consciousness coming from him. When it’s not inane questions about things (why, why, why…?) then it’s not-so-educated discourse on where sneezes come from, who […]