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the wide world is getting smaller

Recently I’ve been fascinated by online culture. Everything about it, from people living their entire social lives from their desk chairs, to the folks that dabble occasionally, to those that actually make a living online, sharing themselves, their thoughts and their lives with the world. See, here’s the thing.

throwback thursdays (vol. 8): in remembrance

It’s been a very long time since I posted anything about 9/11. This year, September 11 is actually on a Thursday, so it seems almost like fate that I link you to the last September 11 post that I did, even though I didn’t originally post it on the relevant day. This is a tough day.

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do I need a Person?

Anyone who watches Grey’s Anatomy knows what a Person is. For those that don’t, your Person is the one you call when everything is wrong, or right, or you just plain need someone to talk to. You can always count on your Person to welcome you even in the middle of the night and you

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train wrecks in the grocery line

As I was in the grocery line yesterday morning, after having obtained my daily Starbucks (or as some would say, Suxbux) coffee, the computer systems went down. While this fact is not immediately pertinent to today’s topic, it did afford me some extra time standing idle that I put to good use perusing the wide

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my mom. and a psa.

PSA As you may know, I’ve been spending time over the last several weeks moving my downloaded MySpaz blogs here, to my fabulous new blog site. What I didn’t realize is that anyone subscribed to this blog is getting a notification every time I posted one, even though I thought I was being terribly clever in backdating

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living on the edge…or online, whichever

“Living on the internet” is not something I really understood until recently. I always kind of thought that the internet was mostly for looking up how to snake my bathtub drain, or posting links to where I am right now, or a snapshot of the tasty adult beverage I just ordered. What I didn’t realize

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