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pontifications and lawn boys

I’m watching the Wedding Planner. Total fluff, I know I know, but Matthew McConaughey is the future Mr. 2N and I love love love this movie. Between my future husband cancelling his wedding on the day of, and Jennifer Lopez walking out on the kid that eats mud, it brings to mind a question I

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deep thoughts…by 2N

I have been pondering many deep and interesting things today. Being that we are all interested to hear these deep and drug-inspired ponderings, I have made them into a list specifically for your reading enjoyment: Item 1: I love everyone and everyone loves me. Except for the dogs, I am very angry at them this morning.

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pygmalion: late night hypotheses

Pygmalion Effect: an experiment to support the hypothesis that reality can be influenced by the expectations of others. How we believe the world is and what we honestly think it can become have powerful effects on how things turn out. – (James Rhem) To me this talks about making your dreams or expectations a reality,

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