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fun with email: more trash talk

I’ve been on the receiving end of some truly inspiring emails today that I thought I would share. Names and identifying characteristics, facts, and details have been changed. Oh wait! There ARE no details or facts in any of these. Please note that I have kept all grammar, spelling, and […]

unsolicited advice

I totally was going to go to bed and instead I got sucked into reading all these blogs. There is an entire world out there that I didn’t even know about, including a whole new set of internet etiquette that I didn’t even know I had violated. Meanwhile I got […]

2n travel: day 2, version 2

And sure enough. Another ONE HOUR delay. We’re at 5 hours and counting. My ass hurts, and my back hurts, and I’m down to one match. I hate TSA for taking my lighters. On the plus side, I’ve been making conversation with a nice guy from nearby. He’s chain smoking […]

2n travel: day 2

The continuation to the much-loved 2N Guide to Travel: 10. Apparently, it’s not okay anymore to hide your lighters in your checked luggage. THREE LIGHTERS down the drain! (PS and now, i’ve got three matches left, an hour before i can even board, and people keep trying to bum a […]

2n’s guide to traveling

So here’s some handy tips I learned today while flying from home base in Tacoma to L.A., California. Mostly it’s a summary of all the things I forgot. I have decided that rather than be embarrassed about the fact that I am completely forgetful, I might as well use my experiences and […]

charades, anyone?

To most people, I think games are kind of a bad word. To say someone is playing games makes them sound dishonest or inauthentic or something. But seriously…life is a game. It’s fun! Everyone plays games to some extent or another. The difference is in the intent. Hasn’t everyone not called someone […]