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i’m sooooooo dialed in now. you don’t even know.

My friends, I’m happy to report that I think I’ve found a solution to my blogging while mobile problem. That solution, appears to be… Dragon. So far, it’s a little bit frustrating, especially because I’m not used to dictating out loud. Also, I think I need a cheat sheet of all the commands that you

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this is why i can’t have nice things

…because then I have to go buy new ones. On a side note, is anyone surprised that I only just today got my Christmas tree? Yeah, me either. So…just before my birthday, this happened. Which was, to say the least, disappointing. If not heartbreaking. Especially because I’ve always tried to be so careful with my phones. Witness

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what’s a hashtag, anyway?

Does anyone know if there is a Twittering For Dummies guide out there? I just set up a Twitter account. This now means I can tweet and retweet stuff (not that I know what that is) and…the best part…virtually stalk all my favorite celebrities, companies, and PEOPLE! I can’t begin to tell you how exhilarated but

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the wide world is getting smaller

Recently I’ve been fascinated by online culture. Everything about it, from people living their entire social lives from their desk chairs, to the folks that dabble occasionally, to those that actually make a living online, sharing themselves, their thoughts and their lives with the world. See, here’s the thing.

being in IT does not make me good at computers

As you may know, I work in IT. As in, Information Technology. As in, I should know a little something about computers. Unfortunately, I don’t. When people find out that I work in IT, the first thing they ask is, “Oh, can you help me with this computer problem I’m having” or “Come over and

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my juicebox

I thought today I’d do a review post, since I’m still working on my next Wilson blog (he went out last night and had a BLAST!). So, today, I want to tell you about what I call my Juicebox. It is the most important travel accessory I own. I bet you thought I was talking

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living on the edge…or online, whichever

“Living on the internet” is not something I really understood until recently. I always kind of thought that the internet was mostly for looking up how to snake my bathtub drain, or posting links to where I am right now, or a snapshot of the tasty adult beverage I just ordered. What I didn’t realize

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