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a quick update…and just try to ignore the cuteness

Well. There have been some remarkable advancements in the world of 2N since my last post. Sadly, I have been seriously remiss about posting about them! Firstly, as you may already know, I took a trip to Mexico with a good friend of mine and was able to reconnect with my cousin and her beautiful… Continue reading a quick update…and just try to ignore the cuteness

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and then…the packing.

And now...the worst part about going on vacation: deciding what to pack. As I may have mentioned a time or two, I have a fairly extensive (not necessarily exPENsive) wardrobe. Which makes packing for a personal trip...complicated. It's times like these I imagine myself having conversations with my clothes. Really. "Beautiful black ripped jeans, I… Continue reading and then…the packing.


look out, mexico. i’m on my way.

Well. With the length of time I've been away from writing, you may have been tempted to think that something nefarious had happened to me. Fortunately, it's just I've been busy. You know, trip to LA, packing, unpacking, laundry...and MORE laundry...and getting my passport for the first time since seventh grade. Why? Because I leave… Continue reading look out, mexico. i’m on my way.