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the REAL photoblog to end all photoblogs: in which we hoped to see a sliming

Okay, so I only thought the last photoblog was the photoblog to end all photoblogs. But it turns out that this one is! DoctorDaddy and I took a little daytrip up to Seattle today. I took the day off since he works weekends usually, we packed ourselves into the car and headed on up to

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photo blog to end all photo blogs (or: catching up all in one blog)

Is it just me or does MySpaz routinely suck between the hours of 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time? For crying out LOUD! So I was reviewing my list of blog topics, and I decided to combine all promised photoblogs into one giant, for your viewing pleasure photoblog. First off: I mentioned I

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stealing is for pussies

Team, I’ve been robbed. Seriously! If you recall my blogs on traveling, I have a new tip: never give your credit card to the hotel lady in order to have the stuff you forgot shipped back to you. Apparently I am even more fabulous than Assclown the Amazing Jerk Off, because somehow I can simultaneously be at

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