100 miles · fiction · love and relationships

100 miles, the rewrite (volume one)

This is mostly fiction, but based on real life events. Go here to get started.  To everyone else, she was a girl, in a truck, staring out the window. Youngish, with big blue eyes and blond hair pulled tightly back into a ponytail. Perhaps there was an air of desperation about her, noticeable if you… Continue reading 100 miles, the rewrite (volume one)

100 miles · love and relationships

goodbye, darling (100 miles, episode whatever)

This may not make sense unless you read the 100 miles intro and go from there. They were just words. Words. Letters strung together into words joined up to make paragraphs that said "I don't want you anymore." Words built up over weeks, months...words she couldn't say, only write. And rewrite and perfect and recompose… Continue reading goodbye, darling (100 miles, episode whatever)