love and relationships

uuughhhhh…i hate this

Hard conversations are…hard. No matter how many times I think I’ve gotten good at saying the difficult things over the years, I’m constantly reminded that this is not something I’m really good at. I try to be, and I want to be, but…I’m really not. My problem, I think, is […]


Gah! It’s been over a month since my last post, this is getting ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is that I was just re-reading what I’ve been writing lately, and I sound like a whiny little beeyotch most of the time. I recently (today) sent someone the link to my […]

damage control

OK. I have got to keep a positive attitude. I read in USAToday that people don’t get lonely because they’re depressed, they get depressed because they are lonely. Lonely people also are sick more frequently and lead shorter lives. How’s that for a reason to be optimistic? I have therefore […]

here we go…again.

After three failed relationships in just over the same number of years, I am reluctant to trust myself. Or anyone, for that matter. I read a lot about myself this past week. I did one of those Myers Briggs tests. You know, the ones where you get the four letters. […]

are they friended????

I hate being curious about the ex-significant other. You know what I mean? Obviously the person you’re seeing/dating/married to/whatever had a dating past, unless you are one of those terribly tragic people that met the love of your life in pre-school and have been together since diapers (in which case you have […]

only in times of trouble?

A friend recently asked me whether I found it easier to write when traumatized than when happy. In thinking on this, I do believe it is true. Reading back over my blogs that I wrote when not having my heart broken, experiencing some sort of dramatic angst, or recounting drunken exploits are […]