love and relationships


GAH! Okay fine. I shall blog. But I can’t guarantee you will like it. Please note that after this is out of my system, I shall return to interior monologues, recaps of my drunken outbursts, and *gasp* making fun of people. Typically, I hate blogs that bitch about relationships and […]

one hundred miles: chapter thirteen

Table of Contents The Aftermath One would think that the police getting involved would help. One would think that “the long arm of the law” would shelter someone who had been through what had just happened to me. Unfortunately, I guess it don’t work that way in ShitFuckTown. Apparently, if […]

mishmash and mush

Well. I’ve started like five blogs today and haven’t finished any of them. Even better news than that is, that I have gotten tons of great ideas for new blog co-authoring which has been super. I have also dispensed relationship advice and pontifications like a madwoman, which has been satisfying […]