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throwback thursdays (vol. 6): minnie the mouse

This is one of my favorite posts I did for LFB, a blogging group I was a part of back in my MySpaz blogging days. It's kind of sweet, kind of mildy-senior-sexy, and even makes me feel fuzzy inside. A little bit. Anyway, it's a fictional story about two high-school sweethearts that meet again at… Continue reading throwback thursdays (vol. 6): minnie the mouse

loaded for blog

lfb: no fear (or maybe some)

This week's LFB topic: A commentary on your biggest fear. Hmmmmm. I'm afraid of a lot of things, it seems like sometimes. Like I'm just a big quivering jelly bucket of fear. Then other times, it seems like I'm being incredibly getting tattoos and piercings and trying new things. Talking about fear, I think, is… Continue reading lfb: no fear (or maybe some)