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CursiveVerses: lost and found

"Mom!" Cassie's voice echoed through the stairwell, accompanied by her slow steps as she negotiated the basement stairs. I hastily folded down the corner of the page I was reading and stuffed the book cover side down under my butt. It was the newest novel from my secretly favorite romance author, Samantha Beale. The cover… Continue reading CursiveVerses: lost and found

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the incredible shrinking woman 2.0: week ten

So, I had a little blip after my hospital escapade but I'm still going strong. Total lost to date: 23.2 lbs % to super goal: 18% Doing the damn thing, I tell you. Today I wanted to tell you about one of my new favorite things, which is: This Ninja personal blender is my new… Continue reading the incredible shrinking woman 2.0: week ten

exercising...gross · incredible shrinking woman

yes. definitely. doing it again.

If you're a long time blogfriend, it may sound familiar to hear that I am yet again on the losing weight train. I bring you: The Incredible Shrinking Woman, 2.0. Alternatively, The Incredible Shrinking Woman: When the First Five-To-Ten Failures Isn't Enough. I'm feeling like this time is different though. For one thing, I've lost… Continue reading yes. definitely. doing it again.

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the waaaaaayyy we weeeeeerrrrrreeeeee…

I've been thinking a lot lately about both the "good old days" (90s anyone?) and the bonds between people, specifically between me and my friends and family. Have you ever felt like suddenly all the people your life seemed to revolve around - or at least, orbit most of the time - are suddenly off… Continue reading the waaaaaayyy we weeeeeerrrrrreeeeee…