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i fought the dock, but the dock won

Okay. So here’s another hard-learned lesson from 2N: Docks are hard, generally non-spongy surfaces not meant for the type of wrestling supermove demonstrated below: That’s right, team. I am slowly, laboriously, PAINSTAKINGLY typing this blog with my left hand because of the ginormous splint (soon-to-be ginormous plaster cast) that encases my right arm from the

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on clumsiness and being a puppy at the park: a recap of the weekend

It finally happened. I fell down my own stairs. Let me give you some background. Remember in the blog I wrote about being a Sagittarius, I said I was clumsy? That’s not a joke, people. I am the running joke amongst the crew for my graceless escapades, however. I fall up stairs, I fall down stairs, I walk

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