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well…no one died. 

Isn’t that great? The pot roast turned out pretty well, all things considered. As you can see by the totally-genuine-not-hamming-it-up-at-all, 100% authentic picture:    Doesn’t it look delicious?? It was pretty good. And best of all! None of us are in the hospital with food poisoning, not even Pee Pants.  Tonight (Friday) it was Broccoli

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crockpotting is easy right? no. just…no.

So. I had this bright idea. I have a crockpot, right? Like, put in the food and kind of just let dinner cook itself. So I thought to myself, hey! Why don’t I start actually cooking dinner? I can use this handy crockpot! Oh! I know! I’ll come up with a whole week’s worth of dinners, go

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