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throwback thursdays (vol. 14): generosity – in pictures, in blogs, in life. yep.

So, if you’re an actual person reading this blog (which is more rare than you’d think, actually), you may have noticed the decided lack of TBT posts recently. Which is partly because I’ve been a total slacker, and partly because even in 441 posts to date, there are only so many I think are worthy

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paying it backwards

The Starbucks drive-through has been, over the years, a source of frustration (when my drink is messed up), rage (when I get cut off), bliss (when my drink is made right), and today, thankfulness! Today’s stay in the drive through lane was a little longer than usual. I entertained myself easily during the wait, singing

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in the spirit of buying crap for other people

Okay, you guys. This is one of the few blogs in which I will espouse giving away things to people you don’t know. Today in the grocery store, they had people outside that were soliciting items for the Tacoma City School District. They said that there were kids at their school that were in need

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