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lfb: she likes me! (earnest and masta pud, part three)

Part One | Part Two It was Phase Three of Ernest’s master plan to become popular, and things couldn’t have been going any better. Armed with his new name (Masta Pud) and his new wardrobe (the pink cashmere sweater did look fine, if he did say so himself), he was on his way to nail down Phase

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lfb: masta pud gets fashionable (earnest: part two)

Having established his new persona, Masta Pud knew it was time for step two of his plan. He needed to acquire a fashion sense, STAT! Spending days in observation, he compiled an entire notebook of lists of what the popular kids were wearing. He eavesdropped on conversations, trying to hear where they bought their oh-so-fashionable

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lfb: earnest and masta pud

“Earnest! It’s time for school!” Earnest’s mother’s voice echoed up the stairway, under his pillow, and straight into his eardrums, dislodging him unceremoniously from his pleasant dream. He had been dreaming about school, ironically. Only instead of being an outcast, a nerd, a dork, he was the most popular kid in school. He dreamed that

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