Tag: embarrassing moments

throwback thursdays (vol. 3): up the nose adventures

You thought just little kids that didn’t know any better shoved things up their noses with great abandon, didn’t you? News flash: So do 2Ns. This is a story I wrote after experiencing TWO such events. That’s right. It didn’t just happen once, but TWICE. That’s just how awesome I am, dear readers. Enjoy! caution:

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drinking yourself under a bench…not just for kids anymore!

There comes a time in every dirty, mouthy hooker’s life in which she finds herself in the unavoidable situation of being drunk to the point of stupid activity but unfortunately not so drunk that she drinks herself into a safely somnolent stupor. On occasion, believe it or not, this has happened to me. Which is

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lfb: strap in, it’s speedo time

So this week LFB says: write a commentary about your best summer vacation. Best summer vacation. Psh. I am here to tell you, I haven’t had a summer vacation since high school. So I’m sitting here, trying to think about my best summer ever (vacation or not), and I’m remembering the time I went camping

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