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talking to the stars

Be nice to the girl with the stars on her head! This is how The Running Green Girl interrupted me when I started complaining about some randomly offensive body part while trying on clothes this last weekend. You may remember this picture from a recent TBT post. Trophies in the background notwithstanding, the key piece here

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plus size plus one….or five…six…seven? eight?

So never in a million years did I anticipate that my blog yesterday about “plus size” women and the media’s impact on body images would spark such a response. It appears that SecondHandMuse, Capricorn Sister, Andy Ennui, Ragu, Tina, Barbcue, Mestophales, and my dearest Vilate have all thrown in their two cents on the topic I posted about yesterday. I read them all, and

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a plus size what?

Another soapbox blog, people. I think that it’s safe to say that most women are at least a little concerned about their weight and/or body image. Women readers: if you are one of the point-oh-one percent that looks in the mirror and thinks that you’re absolutely fabulous the way you are, I think that is

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