god’s pocket…i’m sexy and I know it!

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Have I talked about God’s Pocket before?

I don’t think I have.

For those that may not know, there are times in a woman’s life when she has an excess of things to carry and a dearth of things to carry those things in.

So, God invented God’s Pocket.

Now, before you go Google it, I’m not talking about a famous diving spot, or a movie. I’m talking about this:





This super useful device allows one to, for example, hold one’s phone or other necessaries while walking an overly enthusiastic Dog.


Now, I’ve heard it said that there are detractors to this practice. Such as these guys:

Courtesy of this site

And, seriously, I get it. Sweaty, stinky cash pulled out of my boob and stuffed into some poor guy’s hand to pay for my water or sugary snack is gross, I can see that.

Many is the time I’ve pulled out my phone from God’s Pocket only to have to wipe the sweat off before using it. And I know my more (ahem) germ-conscious friends are just shuddering right now…but in my defense, it’s so dang convenient! I also don’t put cash down my bra. Or in my sock. So hopefully that helps mitigate it somewhat.

Anyway. As you might be able to divine, I walked the Dog today. I also did yoga, though without the phone in the bra. It was good, my body feels like a limp noodle now but it’s a good limp-noodle-feeling. I felt like I was getting out the stress of the long week and preparing for the next stressful week ahead.

Dog enjoyed himself too:



I did determine that I need a new Exercise Mix, though. Mine is super heavy on the LMFAO and Lady Gaga and could use a little shaking up, if you know what I mean.

Though honestly, I’m Sexy And I Know It has to be the best workout song ever.

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