Author: 2N, uNsiNkable

a typical sunday…abstinence is for assholes

7:26 AM: Realize that the wet drip, drip drip on my face is not in fact the result of fantabulously-hot-dream-guy’s unrestrainble passion for me, but instead the slimy output of my dog’s panting tongue. He’s staring soulfully into my eyes in a mute attempt to warn me that if I don’t get up ASAP I

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charades, anyone?

To most people, I think games are kind of a bad word. To say someone is playing games makes them sound dishonest or inauthentic or something. But seriously…life is a game. It’s fun! Everyone plays games to some extent or another. The difference is in the intent. Hasn’t everyone not called someone they liked because they didn’t

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silent dumping. even more gross than blind friend adds.

Okay so I’m going to talk about silent dumping really quick. This is that phenomenon that occurs when two people are in a relationship (friendship, sex-ship, boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever) and one party decides for whatever reason that they’re not interested in continuing abovementioned relationship any further. You know what I’m talking about, everyone has experienced this bullshit at

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