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well…no one died. 

Isn’t that great? The pot roast turned out pretty well, all things considered. As you can see by the totally-genuine-not-hamming-it-up-at-all, 100% authentic picture:    Doesn’t it look delicious?? It was pretty good. And best of all! None of us are in the hospital with food poisoning, not even Pee Pants.  Tonight (Friday) it was Broccoli

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2N, small garlic bulbs, and boneless, skinless chicken

Dudes! This blog is my 100th. The next blog I do will be a celebration of my 101st Blog. I have some questions to answer, some reader-love to deliver, and some apologizing for being so lame in the 100 Miles department lately. It’s all happening tomorrow. Don’t miss it! So, Meeps is cooking me dinner, right?

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2n’s evening of domestic bliss

Didja missme? I, my friends, have been experiencing some of the best times I’ve had all year over the last couple of days. I’ll leave it at that, but suffice to say that all is going swimmingly in 2N-Land. I, however, am stymied by children. I, your favorite ‘traded blogger, spent last night and this

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