around the house

well…no one died. 

Isn’t that great?

The pot roast turned out pretty well, all things considered. As you can see by the totally-genuine-not-hamming-it-up-at-all, 100% authentic picture:

Doesn’t it look delicious?? It was pretty good. And best of all! None of us are in the hospital with food poisoning, not even Pee Pants. 

Tonight (Friday) it was Broccoli Beef. Now THAT was yummy. Piping hot due to the crock pot actually being plugged in, by the  way, in case you were wondering. I used Teriyaki sauce instead of soy sauce and it still came out great! The beef was tender and it was super easy. I microwaved some rice (whatever, it’s just as good!) to go with it. 

Sadly, because I’m still not used to this whole domesticity thing, I neglected to take pics of the beef, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Or settle for some pics later of the microwaved leftovers. 

So, tomorrow is my cousin’s birthday. I was going to meet her and her girls for pedicures before karaoke, but due to a car snafu, I will be stuck home till Band Geek gets home from work. Which sucks to miss the pedis, but it does mean I can whip up dish #3 of the Amazing Crockpot Dinner Plan before we head south to join the festivities! I’m leaning towards the spinach and chicken gnocchi. That damn gnocchi has been staring at me all week!

Also! I did some organizing in the kitchen cabinets AND we replaced all the burnt out lightbulbs (of which there were a frightening number). All in all, it was a productive day. 

Oh, and we got eggnog. Whaaaaaaat?

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