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damage control

OK. I have got to keep a positive attitude. I read in USAToday that people don’t get lonely because they’re depressed, they get depressed because they are lonely. Lonely people also are sick more frequently and lead shorter lives. How’s that for a reason to be optimistic? I have therefore compiled a list of reasons

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not so melodramatic after all

My horoscope says that I should trust my intuition. That it’s like a muscle, and the more I exercise it, the stronger it will be. I suspect that Punk has been seeing his ex – or discussing seeing her, or whatever – most if not all of the entire time we were dating. It’s disheartening

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where i’ve been: part one

As I mentioned in an earlier post that probably got lost amidst all the old myspaz blogs that I copied over, I started a new blog here. This works well because I really only used Myspaz for blogging and this here site supports that quite well. Hopefully at some point I will have some blogfriends,

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