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are you human-shaped?

I don’t remember where I got this, but I found it in an email I had sent to some girlfriends a while back. I had to write about it because: it’s just THAT AWESOME. As women, it’s so easy to look at ourselves and see only the bad things. We see that our hips are

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lfb: fashion sense? puh-leeze.

Thursday? Is it Thursday? Oh YEAH! It’s LFB DAY! Woot! This week’s topic was easy (THANKSgoodness): Commentary on Fashion. However you want to do it, just tell us what you think. The thing with fashion is, there’s a multi-billion dollar industry built around it. Its sole purpose? Telling us what to wear, how to look. What

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a plus size what?

Another soapbox blog, people. I think that it’s safe to say that most women are at least a little concerned about their weight and/or body image. Women readers: if you are one of the point-oh-one percent that looks in the mirror and thinks that you’re absolutely fabulous the way you are, I think that is

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