what you won’t find…and things you will

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Lessons learned for today (excuse the third person talk, but it’s almost funnier that way):

  • 2N needs to pay all bills. On time.
  • 2N does not handle stress well at times.
  • 2N also needs to get her ass out of her office and onto the floor more often, as there are six new teammates in her department that don’t even realize she works there.
  • 2N should never attempt to go outside and get the cat when in a bathrobe and bare feet: she is liable to step on a nail, curse loudly, lose her hold on the bathrobe, and give the neighbors a peep show.
  • 2N should service her car more than once every year and a half.

I love learning lessons the hard way, it makes them so much more meaningful.

Okay so I actually managed to have some free time this morning, and read some blogs before I went to work. It was almost depressing when I realized, that I pretty much write about nothing. I mean, I write about sex, right? And relationships. But not politics, or gas prices (except to complain), or social issues, or anything like that. I’ll tell you why.

Number one, I don’t like to spout opinions on things I’m not educated about, i.e. politics or other people’s religions. I mock things, and take things out of context, and sometimes ask questions, but I don’t usually engage in arguments/debates about stuff like that because I am almost always able to be persuaded to another side. Sometimes this makes me seem wishy-washy, but I’m just not a very political, socially-aware person. I do have strong opinions on things like birth control, abortion, marriage, relationships, managing people, stuff like that, however. I’m also essentially just a feeler: I’m the type to be more like, “I feel like this should be like…”, not the type to back up something with facts and figures and percentages. Number two: For that reason, there are others who can write about those kinds of things more persuasively and coherently than I can. Number three: I figure that with all the thought-provoking blogs out there, I can just link to them, take credit for pointing you in the right direction, then go on to blog about something like sex or how I stubbed my toe this morning.

So here’s stuff you’ll *probably* (because we hate generalizations AND absolutes) never find in my blogs:

  • Anything political
  • Anything related to the economy or current events
  • Anything like musical or cinematic critique
  • Anything seriously thought-provoking (although I do have my moments)

What you will find:

  • Sex
  • My thoughts on relationships
  • Detailed descriptions of my day(s)
  • Ridiculous comments I find while browsing other blogs
  • Some serious email mockery
  • Shit like horoscopes and personality typing
  • Completely useless information like what’s currently in my fridge
  • Unsolicited advice

And starting today, links to other blogs that ARE all the things that are not on my blogs, just so my dear readers might have the variety they crave. Plus I love plugging my favorite bloggers.

So that being said, some of the blogs I found this morning (and ones I found other days that you might not have come across yet) that you might like:

Enjoy. Then come back for more Sex. Note: Later tonight, and I promisepromisepromise I did not steal this blog idea, I have decided to start revising/rewriting and continuing an open letter I started to my son about two years ago. I’ll give it more of an intro later, but it will be posted in installments for your enjoyment (or not). It will have all the good stuff, sex, drugs, controversial issues, and more! It’ll be great. I promise I will still post something each day about something meaningless just so you don’t think I’ve lost my pointless blogging abilities. Or whatever.

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