last gasp

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Well. It’s getting late but I just can’t resist the opportunity to post one more blog before I go to bed.

Let’s recap lessons learned for the day:

Okay there’s that out of the way.

AGHHH! I tried approving all my friend requests. I really did. But here’s the thing. I approve these dudes, and next thing you know I have comments like “ur so hawt” or “move to my town” or some bullshit on my profile (I refuse to have to approve my comments). I can’t do it. I just can’t, I say!

I visited a couple, and their profiles were okay, but I’m still gunshy. Am I an asshole for not approving all my friend requests? Serious question. Also, I almost never respond to emails I get. Am I an asshole for that as well? This is driving me crazy feeling like I’m a big jerk-off. Which I guess I am, but for other reasons, not because I refuse to add someone as a friend who has no reason to add me other than they collect reasonably attractive chicks on their friends lists.

Please note that the “not wanting to approve friend requests” does not extend to those of you who did it because you like my blogs. This means the guys who get a gander at my picture, read nothing on my page, and send me a friend request because it’s right there and they can. At least someone who reads my blogs is a friend sort of, because they’re getting into my head somewhat and know what I’m really like. So there’s that.

Vilate and I have agreed to do a blog together, a la RKOP style. (Did I get the initials right?) I’m going to think it over tonight and tomorrow and come up with some super spectacular ideas. Because I can’t resist at least having some part in the writing of my own blog, I think Vilate’s idea of co-authoring some will be the way to go. Perhaps Will and I can write about sex, like answer sex questions together.

Holy shit that’s a good idea. And I only just thought about it. I’m so rad!

Dammit, I started this blog with a funny point to make and I can’t remember what it was. I got sidetracked with the friend requests and blog links. Oh well, it’ll probably come to me about 3:00 in the morning and I’ll end up writing it down on the pad of paper I plan to put there when I go to bed! How smart am I?!?

Okay I think that’s it. That’s all I got. I’m tired and I have a hair appointment at 11:00 and a tattoo appointment at 7. Busy day. I will follow up with pics since I will hopefully win my camera by Monday and will be able to take some. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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