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Here’s why I’m a bitch. And also why I’m still single. And also why someday I’m going to end up as cold cuts in some dude’s freezer.

For those of you that are new, I rant every once in a while. You may have caught me on a bad day, and for that I apologize. There IS more than just this on my blog though.

My friend, okay? Is very prominent on my friends list. She went on a date with this dude a while back, they didn’t hit it off, whatever.

So recently, he’s looked her up again and started emailing her again. Unbeknownst to me.

Unbeknowst to her, he’s emailed me twice also. Which in itself is not a bad thing (i.e., it happens on accident sometimes), but he emailed me a while back and I didn’t answer, and he emailed me the other day and I didn’t answer. A clue, perhaps? He claims to have read all through my profile, but “didn’t notice” my friend sitting right there in my friends list.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’m full of crap. And a lot of hot air. I like to pick on people. I talk a lot of smack. I’m mouthy. All I can say is, it happens. It states clearly in my profile…”thou shalt be witty or thou shalt get skewered.” More or less.

So at any rate, I got this a week ago:

From: PassiveAggressive
Date: Apr 23, 2006 1:52 PM
Subject: hey

Damn you are blunt but thats good…well I never know what to write on a first email…so I’ll start there.

I didn’t respond. Why, you ask? Because there was nothing to respond to. So you never know what to say? Then why send me a freaking email? For crying out loud. Then a few days ago, I get this:

Date: Apr 26, 2006 10:25 PM
Subject: hello from P.A.
Body: Good evening…..so I enjoyed reading your profile..tell me more about you……….

So then this same punk sends my friend an email, which I see today while at her house. I note that the same dude emailed me. We compare notes. I go home, look up his original email, and write this:

I knew I recognized you from somewhere.

You like blunt? That’s cool.

I don’t beleive I responded to this. Then I got another one from you only a couple days ago.

Here’s an interesting fact: I just got back from my friend’s house, and we had been looking at MySpace. Where I saw your pic in her email bucket.

Now, this brings several possibilities to mind.

One, you didn’t really read my profile, because if you did, you would have seen pictures of her, both in my friends list and her and I together. Which, as I beleive this is not the first place you have encountered her (?), appears to be some sort of sporadic blindness on your part.

The other possibility here is that you were hoping you could meet her through me.

Yet another possibility is that perhaps you thought we wouldn’t notice.

And finally, a fourth possibility, being that you thought perhaps you might get both.

I am quite comfortable in informing you that neither me nor my friend are particularly comfortable with any of the abovementioned possibilities.

With that in mind, perhaps we just shouldn’t proceed with this any further. Thanks for playing.

Blunt enough?

In response to which I get this:

First off……I’m single and as a guy I have the right to write to more than one woman….just like you write to more than one guy…god that angers me…..so I’m suppose to write to one woman and sit back for 2 weeks and wait for her to write back? not mentioning the majority of these woman on here are flakes and you better believe that I expand my options as you do……..how the hell am I suppose to know your friends with someone that I write too? not mentioning emailing someone means jack….about 1 out of a 100 times for a man it might lead to a date….you try being a guy on here..its fucking brutal…i dont have the pleasure of sitting back like you attractive woman get to do and snicker at guys and play elimidate….so dont act like you dont play guys please…….so you are way off…..I dont need negative feedback….in reality I’m the furthest thing from a fucking player but maybe I should be….cause all i get is grief from being a good guy…why do you think I’m reacting….why would i notice a group picture? so excuse me……………I’m not taking any shit. We didn’t go out…we had one greeting..is this a joke? No offense..I’m not trying to be rude….I just wish you can put your self in my shoes and you’ll realize i did nothing wrong……………its too bad that most woman just fall for scum and dont realize how nice i really am…..i’m just looking out for myself………peace

To which I then responded:

Wow, I can see I brought out the best in you. Good luck with that anger management thing you’ve got going on there.

You reserve the right to email me, and I reserve the right to respond. We’re even.

He then proceeds to take all the fuck you’s out of this and email it to my friend, while mentioning how rude I am and how “we must really want him to be single.” Frankly, he’s doing a spectacular job of that himself.

Now. Please tell me. Do you think I’m a bitch for what I said? Because the last time I checked, myspace is not a dating site. I’m not obligated to give every asshole that sends me an email a nice little cheery hearts-and-rainbows response. I don’t like guys that use MySpace as a dating service. I detest men that send me emails without even giving me the courtesy of reading my profile, checking out what I’m about, or better yet, reading my blogs so that he can get a better idea of what I’m like or what type of person I might be interested in.

And I especially despise dudes who mass-market internet date. I’m sorry. I know the squirrels just gotta getta nut. I’ve internet dated. Others I know have internet dated. Until two seconds ago, I had “Here for: Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends, Networking” all selected on my profile (fixed in a jiffy, I can assure you). I have nothing against internet dating.

It’s the dudes that mass-market themselves to every woman they can locate within a 50 mile radius that seems like a sucker for a “nice guy”. If you’re so nice, why not just say “Oh wow, sorry about that! Funny!” or even “Wow I feel like a nerd. How about them apples?” or just “Oops!” instead of spewing out THAT.

Plus let’s take into consideration: this dude, when he went on a date with my friend a long time ago, was on Myspace, Match.com, various other sites, and is still single, apparently. I wonder why that is. Coincidence?

I don’t snicker at guys. I laugh out loud. I don’t play Elimidate. I just don’t respond. It’s my right, as a person on this site, to not have to answer every single dude that decides he likes my picture and is nothing like what I’m looking for. Sorry if that offends.

Dudes like this scare me. Seriously! A response like that shouldn’t (in my opinion, but I could be wrong) have generated that response. What would he do if you dumped him? Jeebers!

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