yeah, i got nothing

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This is sooooo disappointing.

I finally find a wireless internet connection that I can jack, so I can sit (or recline, as the case may be) on my couch in complete comfort as I deliver little bits of bloggity goodness via my laptop, and the connection keeps going out. This may mean I have to actually leave the aforementioned comfort of my couch and hike upstairs (and beleive me, it is a hike) in order to utilize the connection to my non-wireless-enabled router. I have been promised a wireless router from a recently resurfaced friend, which has so far failed to materialize. This is frustrating, and even: irritating.

At any rate – note my dedication, exemplified by the implication that I will still blog, even when it means there is a requisite hike involved.

See how much I love you?

I have finally (almost) caught up on blog reading and commenting. I apologize in advance to those that got comments and/or kudos on blogs that are days old.

I have several topics to cover over the next couple of days. Because I keep forgetting what I mean to write about, and don’t have anyone willing to follow me around and transcribe my thoughts for me (I can’t pay well, and I don’t offer benefits. At least not the healthcare kind), I am reduced to listing them here. Which actually serves the dual purpose of reminding me what I meant to say as well as providing you with a preview of what is to come over the next couple days. It happens that Meeps is out of town doing his climbing/mountaineering thing (waaaayyy too ambitious, if you ask me) and thus I find myself with a significant amount of time for blogging. So there you have it.

So. List of topics.

  1. The one about my brother’s graduation
  2. The one where my friend had some bathroom issues of the not-pretty kind
  3. The one in which I read a political blog that actually kind of made sense
  4. The one in which I recap my Friday night and possibly acquired another favorite bartender
  5. The one inspired by sirensong’s AGH and my own stories to that effect (aka the dumping of friends)
  6. The one where I talk about being OCD (not that I am. A lot. Not that there’s anything wrong with that)
  7. The one where I recap the LFB idea (for those who aren’t familiar) and link to this week’s blogs

I think that’s about it for now. I always look at my list of topics, and think, wow, I write a whole lot about exactly nothing. But the times before that I’ve said that, I get ripped a new one in comments by my loyal readers for denigrating my subjects, so I won’t. Or maybe I will, because in cases like that, getting a new one ripped straight up the middle is actually pretty gratifying.

Anyway. Have a fabulous morning and check in later for abovementioned topics.

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