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wilson meets the bartender (a short one)

Hey y’all. I’ve been MIA the past few days, for which I would like to apologize profusely. I’ll be back tomorrow with more bloggity goodness, and of course there is a pre-scheduled Throwback Thursday post coming up too. This one will be extra special since it’s 9/11 and I decided to repost a 9/11 post

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done…but not done

Blogfriends! Those that are subscribed to this blog that are actual people will (most likely) be ecstatic to know that I have finally finished moving over all my blogs. From both MySpaz and Blogspot, thankyouverymuch. I couldn’t help but reread everything I moved over. It’s been…an experience. Reliving the last however many years of my life in real-life

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train wrecks in the grocery line

As I was in the grocery line yesterday morning, after having obtained my daily Starbucks (or as some would say, Suxbux) coffee, the computer systems went down. While this fact is not immediately pertinent to today’s topic, it did afford me some extra time standing idle that I put to good use perusing the wide

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